HR Investment Group=SCAM!

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HR Investment promises 10x return on investment without fees or costs. I invested $300 and expected a return of $3,000.00 in 20 days. What a joke! Shortly after I sent $300 vis Western Union I was asked to send more money for an insurance policy, then an IRS Enrollment Fee, then a Legal Fee and Processing Fee....Finally after $1,176 of fees I was told the Bank was ready to release the funds.

Following the proceedures from the Bank I was informed that I needed to sent $795 Transfer/Confirmation Fee....


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HR Investment Group Scam!

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HR Investment group scammed my friend out of over $2,000.00. They told him if he invested $1,000.00 he would receive back $10,000.00 within 20 days. Just before the twenty day came, this company asked for an $698.00 for fees and said that my friend would receive the money the very next day. The next day came and went. They finally contacted him the next day and asked for more money!!!

I have reported them but their site is still up!

Stay away from this company! If it sounds to good to be true, it is!!

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San Francisco, California, United States #692576

Did anyone deal with Bill Isska @ HR Investments or Cloud Company Services.Is he honest?

Did he perform as he stated he would?


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Hi ...I had the same thing happen with two different outfits.

Kept asking for more and more fees. They are all a scam.

You can tell because their emails and websites are written in poor English.It's the reverse of the Nigerian 419 scam.


I want to try it out are they good or bad?

to Fitz Phoenix, Arizona, United States #798494

If you have invested into this company please send us an email to My company does consumer advocacy and will help you get your money back from this scam or any others you were sucked into within the last 18 months.


These people are frauds. They promise no fees, but yet demand money to move the guaranteed return into your account.

Stay from them.


That is not True about the company, they paid me my returns, i wonder why u talking unbehalf of your friend, are you sure he told you the truth , he got the returns but wanna discourage you from making money from same source he did......

Beware of fake friends dude

to Aziz Oak Forest, Illinois, United States #623031

They say you have complete control of your funds.Is this true?

Can you provide proof that you were given the funds they said you would receive.

Too much money to provide for a SCAM!!Why do they not provide a direct phone number for contact purposes?

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